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Another update [25 Jul 2004|10:19pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

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London today! [25 Jul 2004|08:10pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

Mum and I went to London today. We went to the skirts of London by portkey, then took a "cab", which is a big block with wheels, into the heart of the city. It was quite the time, I bought a funny looking hat. Its made of screening and foam, and has a funny saying on it. I took a pic of it with a "digytul cammieraw". Talk about difficult!

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Anyways, Mum was silly and tried to pay for some shoes or whatnot with a knut, and the man gave her a look as though she had four heads or something. We were going to travel farther to The Leaky Cauldren, but my stupid ickle brother started talking about Magic with a Muggle boy, and we had to get home before anything else happened. I'm sure he won't get into Ravenclaw, hes got no common sense. I feel bad because our whole family has been in Ravenclaw since my great-great-grandad, and Yowhung (my brother), is looking more like a Hufflepuff, perhaps Gryffindor student. Mum won't be too pleased. I can't imagine what she'd do if he turned out to be a Squib.

Mum thought it would be funny if she got tickets to a Muggle "Magic Show" in London. She wants to get tickets for all of us, who wants to come? The date isn't confirmed yet. If this doesn't work out, I still want to see you all. I miss everyone!


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First updates. [24 Jul 2004|07:10pm]
[ mood | indifferent ]

Well, when I told Mum about the project I'm apart of, she told me she'd take me out to London immediatly! I'm excited. I believe shes taking me tomorrow, but shes not letting me apparate because she doesn't think I'm ready for that yet. I think we're going by a ruddy Portkey, because we live way too far into the isle to fly or drive. >_>

I've got a small confession to make. I was outside last night, practicing Apparating around the wood, and ran into four boys that I've seen at Hogwarts before, but we we're on a name basis. The first time my eyes fell on the eldest, I thought it was Cedric. My heart fluttered, and for a short moment... I dunno what I thought. But as they approached my hope faded...

I've found a beautiful black cat in the wood. She seems wild, but loving. She dislikes my brother, so when he tries to get into my room, I just let the cat out of the cage I built for her, (Yes, Cho's learned to widdle, laugh it up) and she scratches at him. I love her.

I've been rather bored this summer, though, and I miss my friends.

Well, Mums just called me for some tea and fizzing Whizbees so I'm going to update tomorrow with this puter thing and tell you how my trip to London was. Untill next time;

<3 Cho

P.S. ;; I've joined the cool crowd and have gotten one of those "Aim Screennumies" thingers. Its



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